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A movie is potentially the most powerful form of communication that exists in the world today. We are keenly aware that viewers absorb the movie maker's views and we take that responsibility very seriously. We hope to INSPIRE people to do their best at whatever it is they do. We find good stories, put the pieces of the puzzle together, protect the vision and through a collaborative effort deliver a powerful product.

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Kelly Frazier is an award winning writer, producer and director who has shot projects all over the world in every genre from music videos, commercials, television, independent films to studio films and now digital content.

She began her career in Nashville where she produced music videos for Shania Twain, Vince Gill, George Jones, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kentucky Headhunters, etc. She transitioned to Los Angeles with her first movie Gambler: Playing for Keeps. Other film credits include Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado, Larry McMurtry’s Dead Man’s Walk and Streets of Laredo and Woody Allen’s Picking up the Pieces. Her extensive television credits include shows for CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, The CW, Disney, Food Network, HGTV, Discovery, History Channel and Travel Channel.

Her 25 years of experience have given her a practical overall understanding of the business from the ground up. Her left brain/right brain balance helps her run a tight ship while shepherding the creative.

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